Haiti Space Agency Announces Future Launch At Space Tech Summit in Silicon Valley

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Haiti Space Agency Announces Future Launch At Space Tech Summit in Silicon Valley

January 23, 2018- [Silicon Valley, USA] In an effort to accelerate space tech industries in emerging markets, the Global Startup Ecosystem has announced plans to launch a space agency with government and private sector partners in Haiti.

“As the co-host of Haiti Tech Summit and Space Tech Summit, I am able to see the immense capabilities that emerging market nations like Haiti have to transform its current economic landscape via frontier technologies. From an independent disaster prediction analytics platform to improving Haiti’s telecommunications and transportation infrastructure- the benefits of the Haiti Space Agency  is vast and were working on it today for tomorrow’s generation” – Christine Ntim.

What is HSA?

Haiti Space Agency (HSA) is an independent agency of Haiti responsible for the civilian space programs, aeronautics and aerospace research as well as the commercialization of space technologies for the region.

What is the goal of HSA?

  1. Develop space sector industry in Haiti and the Latin America region
  2. Lias and collaborate with international government space agencies
  3. Commercialize space activities
  4. Accelerate sustainable development in leading local industry sectors (agriculture, transportation, and telecommunications)
  5. Promote scientific innovation via space technology
  6. Promote astronomy exploration via local observatory
  7. Develop space sector industry in Haiti and the Latin America region
  8. Create an independent Disaster Emergency Response System
  9. Satellite launching activities
  10. Attract a new generation of space astronauts and experts

“At GSE we work with over 160 global partners to accelerate tech ecosystems via digital accelerators and summits and have the platform to connect government with the resources needed to make this a reality” Einstein Ntim- Co-Founder of Space Startup Ecosystem/Chair at Space Tech Summit.

For inquiries on partnership and involvement- send written interest statements to info@globalstartupecosystem.com.


Global Startup Ecosystem Team

Email: info@globalstartupecosystem.com

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